I’ve recently started Dave Ramsey baby steps. I love the idea of it but its not easy just to get to baby step one. I am on month 3 of doing this I SHOULD have baby step one done, crossed off the list! Oh no everything that could go wrong on my new to me car would go wrong. Got in an accident, paid for it to be fixed. Both wheel bearings, calipers, breaks replaced also normal maintenance like my oil change and new filter. Hopefully fingers crossed next month is a good month so I can start baby step one.

For those of you who have never heard of the baby steps baby step on is save 1,000 dollars. It sounds simple but so far this has been the hard.

Baby step 2 is paying off debt. I am the most excited for this one. Just to know I have a little bit in the bank because of baby step 1. I can focus on baby step two. I have a student loan to pay off. It’s a decent student loan no where near as much as half of the kids I graduated with have in student loans just in 2.5 years. All I want to do right now is pay off that loan and get that stress off my shoulders.

I’m not good at finances but I’m going to try my best that way I have a better futur filled with trips traveling the world! I want to fill my life with experiences not things. If anyone has any advice for me please let me know. Have you done Dave Ramsey what are your thoughts on it?


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